Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Showtime!

Its the beginning of the onslaught: that weekend in June when, for whatever reason, ALL Jessie’s performances and parties fall! This weekend: Friday = dress rehearsal for Dandelion/Tournesol dance show (2 shows, am and pm Saturday) at the National Arts Centre Fourth Stage, then across the canal to Arts Court where Jess has volunteered to greet and welcome people to the Propeller Dance show (Shedding Light) and I am “animating” the silent auction. Saturday = 2 shows during the day (her final performance with Dandelion Dance Company, after being a member of the company for more than 6 years, sure to be tear-jerker for everyone and apparently she has created a piece about leaving home, so check back later for my thoughts on that), back to Propeller to volunteer and see the show. Sunday = sleep in a bit before driving Grams (my Mom) back to the train station, then a hip hop rehearsal (she is having to miss music class for this), then late to a Dandelion Girls get together at E’s house where they are meeting and then going down to Westfest – a great neighbourhood arts festival with lots of music and performances. (When I get it up, you can go to “About Jessie” to get the background on all the things that are making no sense to you—like Dandelion and Propeller.)

My toilet floweth over. Why is it that toilets block just when you have guests and no time to deal with them? Today I am in the semi-panic lead-up to the onslaught weekend wondering why I procrastinate on everything. I need to sew elastic and random colourful shapes on to a pillow (a prop), figure out a healthy way to eat dinner on the road (sushi?), type up the list that Jess made for how the weekend is going to go (with a big BE FLEXIBLE across the top that I have added), change the sheets in the guest bedroom for my Mom, and try to fix the blocked toilet in the family room! Added fun: this morning a cameraman and Dan are at our house using the backyard to shoot an ad. What are the chances that no one will need to use the bathroom? How do you tell a stranger that they can pee in your toilet, but they just can’t use toilet paper? Ah, the million dollar question.

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Nan said...

Just seeing if this works. As if I need to figure out blogging while plunging the toilet and sewing a prop. Oh yea, better have a shower too!