Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thankful Tuesday: Yes, There's That

It’s a Tuesday full of thanks, even when thanks are taking a holiday over at Mama Monk's

Thanks keep me grounded, bring me out of the under-the-covers-leave-me-alone kind of days that I have been having as I wrestle with what it means to a) be a parent and b) let go. That dance has moved from a waltz or a salsa into some kind of street/break dancing that my body (and psyche) are not properly trained for. So in the midst of this, I am thankful for:
·         A friend’s lack of cancer in sentinel lymph nodes
·         A mother’s day in Montreal, just me and my mom, and a books and breakfast celebration at a downtown hotel
·         A half-carton of chocolate-raspberry gelato from Stella Luna hidden in the freezer by my loving husband who knew that my daughter would probably forget mother’s day and was forbidden (by moi, oh tortured soul and glutton for punishment that I am) to remind her or buy a present for her to give me
·         A daughter who starts each new day new, once past her morning grumpiness, and holds no grudges and cannot imagine that anyone would
·         A sun-filled day, even with frost, that beckons me away from work that can wait--to play in the garden 


Cindy said...

Great post. I needed this reminder to be thankful for the things I have.

Nan said...

Thanks Cindy. It hard sometime to wrestle one's way out from under.

Margaret Bender said...

Thanks! We need this reminder - Gary

Margaret Bender said...

I love the thankfulness about your daughter!