Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursdays With Jessie, or Jessie Flips: About Her Future

Welcome to Thursdays With Jessie, or Jessie Flips! I’m not sure which title we will use, any ideas or preferences? Every week Jessie will make a small video with her Flip camcorder about her thoughts or feelings on a particular subject, or about some aspect of her life. She has free reign ( I believe that is rein, as in equine, but I kind of like reign, as in royal), but we might help her brainstorm ideas as a family. She is going to keep them short—probably just a talking head—until she takes a course on editing!

Today, the inaugural edition, is Jessie Flips: About Her Future (please excuse the blocked nose!). There may end up being a number of these (videos about the future that is, not blocked noses . . .  although maybe those too)!


Margot Hovey-Ritter said...

How brave; what courage; we're humbled.

Cindy said...

Excellent possibilities Jessie! So many choices!

Adelaide Dupont said...

Love this Flip.

(And Flip can be the title for the segment for now).

The interior is great.

Heard Jessie's pitch in 26 seconds. [my system was a bit overloaded at 5-10 seconds].

And the rein/reign thing!


(Margot, I loved your Worldview blog).

So it was "my last year at my employment programme" and we picked up "scared", "worried", "don't want to think about this".

"Soon have to think about possibilities".

Do you take questions?

What editing skills are you thinking of picking up, Jessie?

Sandi said...

Jessie! I can't wait to hear what you decide! I just started reading your blog (courtesy of your mom)and I am very happy to have discovered it! Keep us all posted!