Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jessie Flips: About Living in L.A.--The Nicer Part!

We're still going over the videos that Jessie took in L.A., but one particular on-camera essay deserves a posting, particularly in these rough and uncertain financial times when a good place to live can be hard to come by.  According to Jessie, you can avoid the nastier parts, just let it go, and live in the nicer areas! Because living in the nicer areas (of course) is based only on one's desire to live in the nicer areas. Glad we got that straightened out. Now she just has to share this with Obama (and Harper). 


Anonymous said...

Jessie's love for L.A. is infectious!♥

Nan said...

As long as you can live in the "nicer" parts!

Adelaide Dupont said...

"It's really open ... and I love it..."

Something like that!

And also something about rock stars.

One thing that makes a nice place? Nice people.