Friday, June 10, 2011

Demit With DeLight!

Its official. Jessie just had her last day of school! she is formally demitted from the public school system, and now the real adventure begins!

Stay tuned! No time to write because her calendar looks like this.

And I am overwhelmed with this sense of bittersweetness and liable to burst into tears at any moment.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Glad you had a great demit, Jessie!

(Will admit I did not like the word, because it felt like "thrown out", but it's more like a "walk out" to somewhere else!)

What a busy calendar.

It looks like microboards or the more graphical person-centred plans.

And on Wednesday: something with Rachel?

And a Propeller show on Friday?

The only other reference I saw to "demitted" was a community programme in Minnesota from December 1976, and it was in reference to "Day Activity Centre".

(There is a later paper from 1983).