Friday, June 17, 2011

True Love, Hockey, and Values

In the midst of the madhouse of Jessie hosting her PATH (a planning session for her future held last weekend) and the rehearsals for the Propeller Dance show (this weekend) she has had time to follow (just on radio and the newspaper) the Stanley Cup and Vancouver’s trouncing. Never mind that a year ago she would not have been able to correctly name even one NHL team, she now pounces on the newspaper (another first) to see the hockey scores because the love of her life—Drummer Boy—is an avid hockey fan. This morning’s newspaper was, of course, filled with the debacle of the rioting in Vancouver that followed the Canuck’s loss. Jessie was upset. At the loss that is, not the riot.

Drummer Boy says the Boston Bruins [I didn’t even know she knew the name of the team!] don’t deserve to win!”

“Jessie,” says Dan in a firm voice that he rarely uses. “It was a RIOT! . . . over a HOCKEY GAME! We have to have some perspective here. Rioting over a hockey game is just not right!”

“But Dad, Vancouver should have won! It’s not fair!”

“But a riot? Come on Jessie. You have to have some values. And not just agree with Drummer Boy on everything.”

I do have values,” says Jessie with pride and determination, “And one of my values is Drummer Boy!”

This is where Dan kicks me under the table to let me know that this might not be the time to give her one of my lectures/rants, as it would probably not have the desired impact.

Final score: True Love 10, Feminism 0.

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Adelaide Dupont said...


The only team I knew to this point was Montreal Canadiens. (all right, and the Mighty Ducks, or their grown-up version).

(Have been following the Stanley Cup sporadically since about 2007).

Australia has an ice hockey league too, now. The 2011 season began this April.

There have been some exciting matches - especially exhibition ones.

One Canadian-Aussie connection is the 2010 notable player Chris Belanger.

The Goodall Cup is in August.

The values? Excitement, reciprocity, sportspersonship, loyalty... (and yes, pride and determination!)

And the very definition of a riot: it does make people lose perspective, whether they were involved or no.