Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Identity Theft

The problem with the “family” computer is that it really is my computer, in my office— which actually happens to be the family room. Go figure.

I gave up my basement office years ago when Dan started to work freelance from home. But somehow, when he got a job and started going to a real office in a real downtown office tower, I never quite got my office back.

The point being (yes, the point) that many people end up using my computer in the evening because they don’t want to go to their own offices and computers because then they might have to actually go up (Jessie) or down (Dan) stairs.
So. Many different people log on to Facebook from my computer and unless you are very, very careful you just might end up posting under an identity that is different than your true and rightful identity.

Which might not be a problem—unless someone is posting love messages. And the love message happens to read:

Apparently that is the message I sent Drummer Boy, Jessie’s boyfriend, the other night.

I just have one word, and it’s probably the same word he has: YUCK!!!!

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Oh no!!! If that's not awkward, I don't know what is!! Although, from where I sit here in Seattle, it's pretty funny! :)

It's the same here as far as the computer. Chuck and I share one, and Diana's recently crashed, so she's using ours now. And when Ryan and Sharaya come over they use ours. I recently sent a friend a post, that actually came from Diana! This is one parenting issue our parents didn't have!