Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Channeling the Power

Jessie has had, and continues to have, a variety of goals for her future. While there is an underlying current that relates to the arts and performance, the flavours of the month day rival, in range and creativity, those on offer by the Baskin Robbins ice cream chain.

Generally her identified passion and career choice derives from whatever movie/TV show she has just watched. From Spy Kids (a spy, of course) to Harry Potter (a wizard) to Little Women (a writer, complete with oil lamp), to Bring it On (a cheerleader), to the Jonas Brothers (a lyricist), to Glee (this one is a little more convoluted and involves travelling to LA with Dan /Dad where he gets a job as a scriptwriter on Glee and writes her into the script so that there are TWO actors with Down syndrome and she is the new love interest for Finn).

As she has matured (sic) and moved into a life phase where she is expected to be a little bit more reality-based in her choices, she often states that her desire is to act, advocate, and/or dance. All things she has had some experience and success with; all things that she has figured out that we have a more positive response to (i.e., it does not precipitate parental eye-rolling or large exasperated sighs).

Of course she continues to throw us loops—such as a consistent urge to follow her passion: her music career. (Hmmmm, where is that chromosome related to singing on key? Certainly not on the 21st you say?) Or a more recent desire to give up dancing professionally (which she does, dance professionally that is, with Propeller Dance) so she can spend more time with Drummer Boy, her boyfriend, and they can work on their combined music careers (he is also considering a career playing with the National Hockey League, so they are not 100% sure about the music thing. )

This week however, I’m glad to see that all our discussions about talent, passion, reality, and the 10,000 hour rule are really paying off! She and some friends went to see X-Men on Monday and I got this text:

I wonder if our college savings will cover it?


Cindy said...

This is priceless!! Helping our kids find their way is one of the hardest things about parenting!

Nan said...

Yah, Just when you think they've got it . . . BAM!

Mum of TDQ said...

Hey Nan, I need a post about cell phones... TDQ is sweet 16 in October and I'm going to get her a fabulous purse and cell. What model, plan all that junk worked for you? I'm the playmaker, and want to set it all up so TDQ can step out in style :)

Nan said...

Jess got her cell phone soooo many years ago (13 was year for most in her crowd, and it allowed her to go to and from school independently) and soooo much has changed! While she has become brilliant at texting, she's hoping for a smart/android phone. That one she has to save up for herself! Also... she has some friends off at university (Halifax, Guelph) and so she can text them as well as FB them.But I'm so not technosavy that we even have an old plan that we keep grandfathering along because its cheaper than anything newer. So. Not the right brain to pick on that one! BUT her texts are brilliant and you made me realize that I should go tag them so you can pull them all up as a category! Thanks!

Laurie said...

Love it!! super powers, definitely what Nevin is planning on majoring in. :)