Thursday, October 25, 2012


Today was our appointment with Allison from LiveWorkPlay. This is Jessie’s Takeover (I wrote “take on it” but she changed it, fittingly, to “takeover.”)

Today at 1:00 in the afternoon, I had a meeting with Live Work Play’s Allison Moores. Allison talked a little bit about what LiveWorkPlay is and then we moved on and talked about my goals and dreams for my life now and for my future. My main goal and dream that we had talked about was moving out into a supported living setting where I would live with my friends.  And through that she had told my mom and I about how Live Work Play would help me and my family to help carry out the supports to help me achieve that goal. It was really fun and I really loved it. I’m finally really excited about what’s happening.

So. We get to move forward with a bit more support. A chance for me to back off and for a mentor/advisor/person to step in and work a couple of hours a week with Jessie, setting goals based on her dreams and helping her find the supports and strategies to be able to move forward. That means its someone else who gets to help her delve into the world of making choices, setting goals, and following through. That’s a big sigh of relief (for me) and a huge vibrating grin (for Jessie).

Relief for me, because I feel like a load is being shared, and while Jessie has a good rich and active life right now, there are areas that need to be explored further (education, career, a home) and I’m just not the right person to direct and drive it.

A huge vibrating grin for Jessie, because she gets to share her vision with someone who won’t roll their eyes when she sets her long-term living goals as moving to California with her boyfriend so he can pursue his wrestling star dream and she her acting dream. Someone, she likes to say, who is her personal assistant. Well, we’ll see how that works.

But, we have all agreed that the goal will be moving out (target=before she’s 25) and that the focus will be on all those things that will help her achieve that goal (anything from organizational skills and meeting and talking with people who have moved out and are living with friends or on their own, to researching areas in the city to live and budgeting).

We will meet again next week and Allison will bring Lisa, the person who will be supporting Jessie. In the meantime, we fill out forms, brainstorm more ideas and questions, and step back for a moment to breath and give thanks.

So. LWP (LiveWorkPlay) is PDG (prettydamnedgood). It is a work in progress, but with LWP I’m feeling a bit more hopeful about the progress!        

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