Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Unreasonable Canadians: Judith Snow

As part of the 31 for 21 challenge, every Wednesday during October I am celebrating an unreasonable Canadian who has inspired me with their courage and vision—through their writing or their advocacy for a world where all are welcome, and safe! Today I celebrate Judith Snow.

Judith is so unreasonable, she dared to break out of a long-term chronic care institution with the help of a group of friends that evolved into a unique circle of support known as the Joshua Committee, and went on to pave the way for individualized funding for attendant care, get an MA, advocate for inclusion and change, teach and mentor families and individuals to name and reach their dreams of living in community, have a play written about her, go kayaking,  become a visual artist, and in her most recent incarnation, start a unique visual arts program called Laser Eagles.
"Red" copyright Judith Snow, http://www.lasereagles.com/assets/thumbs/d90aa_judith_red_8x10.jpg 

I first met Judith at a week-long institute on inclusion at McGill University in Montreal, when Jessie was only two years old. Judith held me spell bound and in great awe as she shared her vision, her acerbic wit, and her sharp, and I think brilliant mind with those of us gathered from around the world to leran more about inclusion and to support each other in the journey. 

Find out more about Judith by reading any of her provocative and insightful writing. What she is saying is so simple (listen) and radical (listen with your full attention). 

Or order Behind the Piano and What’s Really Worth Doing and How to Do It from Inclusion Press. Circles of support and person-centredplanning really started with Judith. So we owe this highly unreasonable Canadian a great debt!

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