Friday, December 14, 2012

Jessie Flips: About Propeller [part 1]

Propeller Christmas Party
I finished writing my Christmas cards last night for people in Propeller Dance and I'm really happy about it. We had the annual Christmas dinner out in Carp, a small town just outside Ottawa, at one of the dancer's homes. I really enjoyed dancing an performing in this company and organization this year and now this year is coming to a close and I'm looking forward to doing more of this in the new year. I'll probably help work behind the scenes too. For example, I wrote my first press release for Propeller two weeks ago and we got more press coverage at the community day last weekend than we ever have before! We had two TV stations and one newspaper there. 

Some of the people that I look up to in Propeller are: (and I will do more next week, but we just got back from the party and its almost midnight and I have to go to bed!) ..

Bella is an amazing artist and performer and when she dances she uses her feet and facial expression. Bella and I get together sometimes and cook.
Bella at Community Day

Liz is a really talented performer and has really good stage presence  I met her when she was finishing her masters at Carleton University. She was also my mentor in lesson planning. Bella, Liz, and I teach together on Saturdays. 
Liz (by Dave) Liz won the Celebration of People Award for an artist with a disability this year. 
Liz and me in Calgary where we went for a dance intensive a couple of years ago. 

Renata is co-artistic director of Propeller Dance and she is a great performer and she knows a lot about technique. Renata is mentoring me in choreography and choreographic work. 

Amelia is a new dance and she and I work so well together. Both Amelia and I made a duet with Renata's support called "What's in the Box?" Amelia is really funny and we make each other laugh. 

wacky Amelia, and Moni
Amelia and me getting ready for the box dance (photo by Dave)

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