Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thankful Tuesday: Rambling

Its Tuesday and I am joining in with Thankfuls over at Mama Monk’s … where we could all wish her son Brooksie a happy birthday!

Today I am thankful for the weird windings of my days bracketed by insights and celebrations. I am thankful for:
  • Red Tent Thursday (local Red Tent monthly gathering of women, sharing food, stories, dance and song) followed by silent retreat Friday (Christian Meditation 2-day retreat) culminating in high Anglican Evensong (which, in addition to the sung Evensong, included the monstrance and incense). 
  • My therapist Kim who is helping me to discover the untruths that I so totally believe and that so totally interfere with my ability to both discover the future and hire a contractor to fix the leaking shower.
  • The days I go away and find out that Jessie actually takes some of my teachings to heart. As when Dan was unsuccessfully trying to describe a tricky problem of etiquette (how to invite yourself over to dinner without actually asking to be invited for dinner; don’t ask) and Jessie said, “I wish Mom were here to teach me how to behave properly!”
  • Farm Boy fresh food and grocery store for making almost homemade chicken soup, so I don’t have to and because Jessie insists on chicken bits in her soup when she has a cold. Which she does.
  • Vitamin E cream to minimize the rawness of the rubbed-red skin around Jessie’s nose and mouth.
  • My husband, for shoveling this morning, even though I have no work and nothing better to do than shovel! (Oh, and drive Jessie to rehearsal, because I’m not letting her take the bus in this last gasp of winter with a cold).  

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