Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baby's Got New Shoes

While there are many loves Jessie and I share (advocacy, writing, sugar, the Grays & the Harts, loud music in the car, Maine, snuggling in bed), there are also many things that differentiate us. As she said shopping one time "Mom, you just don't get my style!" She is right. She is glitter and shine all the way, and I, well I am fuzzy socks and Birkenstocks.

So tonight, when her dance class was cancelled and we ended up at the mall we just had to go into her favorite store (Forever 21, glitter and affordable!). Where she walked (sic) out with these:

  While it is true that I may not get her style, I do respect it, and sometimes even pay for it. Lucky girl!


Cole said...

LOL- I'm with you on the comfy socks and shoes. And my 6 year old is full of glitter. It takes all kinds to make up this big ole world right? xo

Nan said...

Thanks for laughing Cole!
There is a great song by Nancy White called "daughters of feminists" that made me laugh out loud and almost have an accident when I heard it driving in the car. I think this is an illegal link (but the only one I can find) and the lyrics start:
Daughters of feminists love to wear pink and white
Short frilly dresses they speak of successes with boys,
It annoys their mom.
Daughters of feminists won't put on jeans
Or that precious construction boot Mama found cute,
Ugly shoes they refuse. How come?
Daughters of feminists think they'll get married
To some wealthy guy who'll support them forever
Daughters of feminists don't bother voting at all.
Daughters of feminists beg to wear lipstick
Each day from the age of three.
Daughters of feminists think that a princess is
What they are destined to be.
How do they get so girlie?
How come they want a Barbie?
Why does it start so early?
Why, when we bring her up just like a fella,
Who does she idolize? Cinderella!