Friday, November 16, 2012

Jessie Flips: About Hanukkah

The Hanukkah Chronicles Part 2: The other side of the family

As you all know, I will be going to Montreal for my first ever Hanukkah. Sure, there was a conflict before but we changed it all around!! I will be going to Montreal for Hanukkah on December 15, 2012. Which is great, because on Dec.8 I have community day with Propeller. And I think that this is a perfect solution.

Drummer Boy is my boyfriend and life partner and he asked me to join him and his dad  to visit his dad’s side of the family. Jeremy’s dad’s family is part Jewish Orthodox. This is my very first time meeting them and I’m nervous but still really excited. I’m excited because this is the next step in our relationship. I already met his mom’s family, their Greek side, I will be meeting his Jewish side of the family. DB already met my family at my parents’ wedding. The reason why I’m nervous is because I don’t know what would they think of me and what if they wished that DB married a Jewish woman?

I know what your thinking, your probably wondering why be nervous? When meeting another side of your boyfriend’s family you need to be yourself and be polite. DB had told me that this side of his family would love me. Sure, it might be scary at first but it’ll be worth it. And in the end if they like me then I’ll be happy.   

It’s great that DB and I are meeting both of our families because it gives us time to get to know each other more and both of us get to know the other’s family traditions. It’s amazing how you can explore the other’s family faith.     


Becca said...

It'll TOTALLY be worth it, and they'll LOVE you!!! I know that fear of meeting new family members for the first time - it's totally normal. You'll do great!

Jessie said...

thank you Becca. I hope it goes well too.


Margaret Bender said...

Good luck, I am the same experience 27 years ago when my now husband introduced me to his Jewish family! They will love you!