Friday, November 9, 2012

Jessie Flips: About Glee and the R-Word

Glee as Loser is right!
Last night I watched Glee with my family in the playroom in our central house in Old Ottawa South. And in this specific episode Finn Hudson said the R-word and I got so mad and really sad because I looked up to Finn as well as the actor Cory Monteith. He should NOT have said that. That word is a word that is hurtful, mean, rude and most importantly really Offensive to people who have Down syndrome just like me. How could the writers do something like this? I can’t believe they would they script that line. I think the writers should know that this word, the  R word hurts people’s feelings, the R word is a word that is harmful. It discriminates people with Down syndrome and I hate it.

The show is about inclusion, the show is about celebrating who we are even though we’re different.  The show is about diversity and creativity. And then they use the R word. Come on writers!! Can’t you see that people who have Down syndrome are people too, can’t you see that we also have a voice. Can’t you see that we ALL have the right to be included. 


Becca said...

I still haven't watched the episode yet (I'll try to catch it tonight), but I saw all the shock and disappointment on Facebook about it lastnight. I think they should have turned it into a lesson right then and there, instead of letting it go. Hopefully they'll get into it next week, though. It makes me sad that they seem to have handled it so poorly this time. I'm glad to hear your input, Jessie!

Melissa M said...

Wait - that happened? I haven't watched this week's episode yet (it's waiting for me on the DVR...) but I thought that the actors who play Becky and Sue Sylvester were doing PSA's all the time about how you shouldn't use THAT word because it is hurtful and wrong! I'm really surprised the writers would allow it without a good reason - I'm pretty sure they are sensitive to this.

Cindy said...

Chuck and I watched it too and we both gasped when he said it. But we're very glad everyone on the show got very quiet and Finn realized what he said was wrong. I'm also glad they had him apologize.

Adelaide Dupont said...

I know - and the writers and the showrunner types should - that harmful speech is not protected by the First Amendment! And hearing that word in primetime, or on delay.

Two Gleeful thoughts: one about Kurt and dancing (do you think he'll learn how?) and I loved when Becky's headvoice was the Queen of England (Helen Mirren). There is a Becky Goes to College campaign. I also loved the three generations (Robin Trocki, Rachel Potter and the actress who plays baby Robin).

And Finn. Quarterback of the football team and Rachel's boyfriend/fiance. And he's going into the Army, so he thinks (and working in the tire shop). He seems to be more than anything a mouthpiece of the writers and showrunners. (Was it a carefully placed bomb, or was it more of a spillage/slip?)

Reading about his actor now. Two words which come to mind about CM's lifechoices: "brave' and "complicated".

There is a wonderful site called the R-word reporter.

The R-Word Reporter

Jessie said...

I agree strongly with you. I want to write a letter to the writers. If you have any ideas share them with me! Thanks for you support!

Jessie said...

I agree strongly with you. I want to write a letter to the writers about this. I might need some of your ideas. You can send them to me.

Adelaide Dupont said...


In Glee: The three main writers and co-directors are Murphy, Brennan and Falchuk.

There are six more writers in the committee (according to Wikipedia): "Starting with season three, a writing staff of six was hired: Ali Adler, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Marti Noxon, Michael Hitchcock, Matt Hodgson and Ross Maxwell."

Someone called Joel wrote about "Called Out on Bigotry", I'll give you the link about that.

Responses to being called out from Joel: there are 13 of them

Will admit I was worried about Finn and Glee. Before I had seen Cindy's comment, and knowing what I knew about the show (for example: Finn outing Santana), I was thinking that a show with one or more fully realised intellectually disabled characters might be a show ... where Finn is not. The whole threat thing.

I can imagine that a whole lot of letters would come about these words and that episode. (which season and which episode? Because Finn has form, apparently).

Just remembered that Lauren Potter is the name of Becky's actress.

Patricia Goins said...

Beautifully written- I couldn't agree more!