Friday, November 2, 2012

Jessie Flips: About Making a Difference

I’m an artist with Down syndrome and I’m in a professional mixed ability and non-profit contemporary dance company called Propeller Dance and we are Ontario’s only integrated dance company. Propeller dance reaches over 5,000 people and we do lots of outreach workshops and we also have community classes. Propeller also has a children’s program on Saturday mornings and we have an amazing staff including Ximena Puente, Shara Weaver, who is the main teacher, then me, Jessie Huggett who is the teaching assistant.

It’s important that people who have Down syndrome are seen as leaders, teachers, mentors and role models. Why? Because we can show them that we are responsible, talented and mature. It shows that we too have gifts to bring to the world.

I have a challenge for you!!

As this is National Down syndrome awareness week, I want all of you with Down syndrome to get involved by making a difference in your community just like I do when I teach. The reason why this is important is because if we all do it, it will be a more diverse inclusive world where ALL of us have a voice.

Thank you.                    

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Team Lando said...

I just started reading your blog, but now I remember when I've seen it before - Dave Hingsburger wrote about you teaching dance! It made me happy because I can't wait until my little girl (she's 20 months, and has Down syndrome) starts walking so she can join dance classes, too!